I started at 16 with 400/day wages.

I tried businesses at such as restaurants & gaming centers.

I got a chance to work in Network Marketing and made a team of more than 5000 people.

Then I found out this amazing opportunity Affiliate marketing and my first weeks earning was 25200.

From starting at 16 with 400/day wages Now I am 21 I am earning 2.5 lakh per month with three business combines 2 traditional and affiliate marketing .

But whenever I sponsor a new person with a hope to make help them  earn digitally the education system never supported us .

When it comes to service the companies were too lazy to solve our challenges .

This was the loophole which decided to fill with our education system And I started ChalDigital.

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ChalDigital provide skills through courses that schools don’t teach, and our goal is to help every Indian young person become financially free. 

Now you don’t have to wait for the opportunity to earn money. You can learn and earn by refer our products and earn commission

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